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Why are you in it?

Throughout our lives, whether we work for ourselves or someone else, we’re spending around 40-60% of our waking hours, during any given work week, working. Factor in a seven day week, it still equals out to (roughly) a quarter of a lifetime.

We often joke that we spend more time with co-workers than family, but the fact of the matter is, this is no joke. It’s the reality.

The question of “why do you do what you do?” is one many can’t answer… Because, most view work as just that, work. But, reality is, this idea that life and work are separate is flawed. It’s a recipe for burnout. Whether we like it or not, our lives are predicated around what we do most, which for most of us is working.

When navigating jobs/career, I often tell people that they need to reverse engineer their thinking when it comes to their job search. It’s less about the job description, more about what value you want to provide, then backing into it from there.

The most important question anyone needs to define during this process is this question of why do you do what you do?

Taking from Simon Sinek’s Why framework, use the template of “To____so that____.” If I want to build brands so small businesses can achieve their goals, that helps define the type role I want to be in. This helps root my decisions in companies I work for and businesses I start. It’s pairing the what with the why. The features with the meaning.

While it seems simple and somewhat intuitive, putting this on paper can help set a North Star that guides anyone throughout a career.

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