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What makes a great brand?

With there being an incredible amount of saturation in every market nowadays, gone are the times when one marketing or sales channel had the ability to convert customers on a regular basis. As people are interacting with companies and products on their own terms, their own time, building a lasting and differentiated brand has become more important than ever.

But, what makes a great brand? While there are a number of ingredients that go into the greats, they share a few core concepts:

  • A focus on the audience
    • Empathy for customers, understanding their needs, problems, and most of all, removing your internal goals from the conversation
  • Long-term impact over short-term results
    • Doubling down on brand means you’re committed to the journey. It’s the idea that, many brand building tactics won’t have immediate results
  • Consistency in design and communications
    • Everything from an email signature to a webpage. Great brands have consistency across design, messaging, and communications
  • Authenticity in words and actions
    • Mean what you say and back it up with actions. Great brands have meaning, are open with their clients, and it shows in the feedback consumers share in-person and online
  • A constant evolution mindset
    • If you’re not trying to put yourself out of business, someone else will

Bottom line, building a great brand is a mixture of grit and luck, but the right foundation helps.

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