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What Instagram’s new feature means for businesses

Consumer behavior is fascinating. What’s even more fascinating is how much people overweight convenience throughout their lifetime. To me, especially in today’s environment, I think convenience is the number one element that will drive business decisions over the next 10 years. It’s how easy can you make it for me to buy, how quick can you get it to my door, how fast can I access it.

Back in January, I wrote that Instagram would launch in-app purchasing before year end. I had no idea it would come by March, but clearly their engineers had other plans in mind. If you didn’t see the news, Instagram now lets you buy products without ever leaving the app. They are testing it with some bigger brands, but of course will roll it out in time. This is big. Not only for Instagram, but for the e-commerce landscape as a whole. It reiterates the shift in consumer behavior.

But, what can businesses learn from this? A few things:

  1. Focus on making your purchase process as seamless as possible. If you find your buying process is cumbersome in anyway, shape, or form, move fixing this issue to the to of the priority list. One click, three steps, whatever product you’re selling, ensure the final steps to buying are so easy, a baby could do it.
  2. Double down on creative. Buying, whether it’s batteries or investment products, will only continue to get more visual. Instagram has proven this for years, but if you haven’t doubled down on the creative, now is the time. Design, copy, graphics, videos. Figure out what you can do to tell the story of your product in the most visually compelling way possible.
  3. Diversify your channels. Sell on amazon? Great. Leverage Etsy? Even better. If you have a physical product to sell, make sure you’re on as many channels as possible. The buying process is in the customers hands now more than ever. Don’t think one channel is going to be the end game for your business.

While we all may become zombies, binge watching Netflix and living in Instagram, this tech evolution may just be a good thing for business.

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