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What Blockbuster and Toys-R-Us Can Teach Us About Change

The Blockbuster and Toys-R-Us story is one that not only brings us back to childhood but also drives home the importance of change. Both industry giants at one point in time, they failed to identify, and come to terms with, trends and human behavior changes. A primary blocker of change is the inability to accept that it’s happening. A secondary is, even if accepted, an unwillingness to try things differently.

The evolution game…

  • Take time to understand how tech and human behavior are changing your industry. Change will happen in your industry regardless if you’re ready, so carving out time on a monthly or bi-monthly to properly think about it will keep you ahead of the curve
  • Write down, pitch, test ideas that may not make sense now, but will in 5 years. When this happens, these ideas are often met with pushback, but as long as you tell a story, back it with data, and come with solutions, stakeholders will keep an open mind
  • When you hit on an idea that seems to be sticking with users, don’t wait on pushing it forward. With tech evolving so fast and the ability to distribute so widely due to social media, the first-to-market advantage is truer than ever before

Bottom line:

Change either happens to us or we drive the change. If you want to be in the driver’s seat, take time to stay ahead of the trends and double down when you have an idea that sticks.

-Al Cavalieri


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