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Want to create more loyality? Stop trying to target everyone

You build the content, produce the tools, develop the creative, promote the services, but it doesn’t stick. When this happens, we’re quick to question the quality of the product, service, or offering… we run to make feature and messaging adjustments. But, many times, we don’t realize that it could be an audience problem. We often try to scale our product as quickly as possible and cast a wide net… when we do this, we’re often taking the wrong approach. In the end, going more targeted is always the better approach. This creates more interest, loyalty, and advocacy.

Finding y0ur core audience…

  • Start with research… Research on your industry, competitors, people you’ve marketed to in the past
  • Develop a core customer persona (or personas) that includes their wants, needs, tendencies, technology interactions
  • Before allocating a ton of money to these folks, run a few test ads on social, conduct surveys, etc. to confirm whether or not they are the right audience
  • Adjust as appropriate, launch, then optimize as you go

Bottom line:

Take time to figure out the right audience. 1000 loyalists are worth way more than 10000 passives.

-Al Cavalieri

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