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Two most important traits in business

As I continue to progress in my career, work with more people of different skillsets and personalities, I’m continuously trying to dissect what really matters in business. When it comes to hiring and building teams, many people go through the same motions and look at the same qualifications – years of experience, where they worked, where they went to school, and skillset.

I’ve come to the conclusion that, outside of a few select roles, none of this really matters. None. Zero. What does matter, and what I’m starting to believe are the two most important traits in business – charisma and focus.

These qualities, of course, are hard to quantify on paper. They are hard to measure in interviews, but these traits aren’t “intangibles” or supplemental, they are fundamental strategies for success.

When someone brings charisma to a project, it automatically becomes infectious to those around them. It inspires and drives action. In result, better work is produced, people put more effort into their work, and it increases energy levels.

When you’re able to pair charisma with focus, it becomes a dangerous (in a good way) combination. There are so many distractions these days – we work for 5 minutes, check our phones, go back to working, check our phones again, take a longer lunch, etc… Projects that should take hours, take days. Focus, in a way where one is able to produce a tangible output every day, is one of the most undervalued qualities.

Don’t get me wrong, qualifications should still be something weighed when hiring, but more and more, as we’re able to do more with technology, the old way of evaluating people needs a good shift.

-Al Cavalieri

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