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The Why Behind The What

As we’re all operating at high levels, every day, it’s fairly common for people to set goals, sell products, or create metrics for something without really defining the why behind the what. It’s all well and good to acquire more users, lose more weight, buy more stuff, or build our subscriber list, but without the why, the outcome will lack true impact. It loses its importance. When the why is infused, we can work on what matters, optimize with intention, and measure effectively.

Figuring out the why…

  • When kicking off a new project, whatever that is, it comes down to simply asking yourself: Why should this matter to me or my users? Ask yourself this question prior to any new project
  • If the project was brought to you by someone else, have them work through the answer with you. This should be something you clearly define prior to starting
  • Continue to ask yourself the question throughout the project. It will serve as a gut-check and make sure you’re still pushing towards that north star

Bottom line:

Everyone needs to set goals in order to achieve success. Otherwise, we will just be doing things to be doing things. But, without the why, it will be hard to truly define success. Take the extra minute and write your why.

-Al Cavalieri

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