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The content vs. solution balance

Content is a major pillar of every marketing strategy. If scaled-content production isn’t a part of your marketing plan, you’ve lost before you even started. But, with all the content noise in the market, users have an abundance of information at their fingertips. One can only read, watch, and consume so much. With artificial intelligence and automation becoming a major piece of the customer experience puzzle, at a certain point, you need to turn off the content and turn on the solutions.

Figuring out the balance…

  • Map out your customer experience that includes every possible touchpoint a user could have with your brand
  • Identify at what point you shutoff education/thought leadership and turn on product/solution messaging
  • When setting up your campaigns, make sure you use tools to automate the touchpoints based on behavior
  • Optimize by adjusting your campaigns based on user behavior and drop points

Bottom Line:

Content matters now more than ever, but when determining your customer experience, you need to understand that content isn’t always the play. At a certain point, customers will be educated enough and ready to talk solutions. Be smart about it, map it out, and convert them when they’re ready.

-Al Cavalieri


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