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The credibility engine

In any new venture, gaining credibility is one of the most important elements that determine whether you’ll be successful or not. Credible work results in more trust, more responsibility, and more confidence in us as experts.

It’s in our DNA to seek credibility, it’s one of the only things we can take with us as we shift careers and businesses. Being credible is not only about the work output and proving results, but possessing a set of traits and improving them over time. These parts create a credibility engine that fuels every element of success and produces a compound effect.

The parts:

  • Actively listen to build trust – too many listen without really listening. Not only does active listening build trust, but it allows you to deploy empathy for the person sitting across the table.
  • Develop deep expertise – becoming an expert takes time, energy, and money, but puts you in a much better position long term. Go deep into a function (e.g. marketing), master it. It will also make it easier to master other functions once you have the formula down.
  • Fail small to gain insight – you hear success stories all of the time, but the failures are what drive true insight into anything.
  • Deliver consistently – deliver, on time, every time.
  • Have an opinion – being middle-ground or neutral on a topic is a recipe for stagnation.

The parts of the engine, that may not seem like much individually, matter more than you know.

-Al Cavalieri

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