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Placing Your Bets

As we get more senior, lead more people, drive more complex projects, the bigger decisions become more frequent. Budgets, operating pivots, hiring/firing, it’s about making major bets on the future knowing things may fall flat. It’s about making these decisions despite having a fear of failing… Avoiding them can halt growth… Embracing them pushes leaders to become great leaders.

Pushing past the thresholds…

  • Seek opportunity, don’t wait for it. Opportunities often for present themselves as risks. Proactively think about “riskier” opportunities and explore them on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Identify trade-offs you’d have to make in order to capitalize. Once you lock in an opportunity you’re passionate about, go
  • Push to get more responsibility in your current situation. Ask for new projects, ask to manage budgets, request management responsibilities. And if you receive pushback, look into changing jobs, moving companies, or starting something yourself

Bottom line:

If you’re truly going to push in your life and business, risks are inherently a part of the process. Some things will fall flat… You will spend money that shouldn’t have been spent… You will launch products that fail two weeks later. But, at the end of the day, you need to place your bets.

-Al Cavalieri

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