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Speed wins

In moving from a big company to a small company, one thing became very clear, very early on: we were going to do a lot more, with a lot less, a lot faster.

The biggest downfall of big organizations, and why people get addicted to startups, is two fold: 1. Your work has way more impact to the bottom line of the business and 2. Speed.

Speed, in the business world, often carries a negative connotation. People think if you’re operating fast then the quality of work suffers or details will be missed. This couldn’t be further from the truth as work quality is usually subjective and details are addressed by learning and implementing the right processes.

What speed gives you is the opportunity to learn… learn about your user, learn about your channels, learn about your business. It helps you avoid overthinking and decision paralysis. It keeps you out of your own head.

Produce more, faster.

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