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Sales vs. Marketing vs. Brand

Whether you own an insurance business or car dealership, growing your business comes down to three things – sales, marketing, and brand.

In the 90s, sales was everything. In person, over the phone, cold calling, lunches, meetings, dinners, it was the culture and nothing else mattered.

In the early 2000s, marketing became the trend. Email was the main source of communication, banner Ads drove conversions, Google Search Ads were a shiny new toy that everyone wanted to buy.

But, as we evolved as consumers, and as technology evolved, we entered this environment where people don’t answer the phone, turn ad blockers on, and unsubscribe from emails at will. People now have more control than ever.

This is where brand comes in. Your brand is being the resident expert in your niche. It’s educating people on what you’re about. It’s letting people into who you are as a company or person. It’s creating a sense of community. It’s trust in its purest form.

Brand doesn’t have immediate return on investment. It takes time, constant effort, and can take years to have an impact. Just ask Coke.

All three of these serve a crucial purpose throughout the user journey, but knowing when to deploy each is the key to growth. Deploy marketing too early and you’ll get blocked forever. Try selling too soon and you’ll lose a customer. Figuring out when and how your users react to certain tactics is what separates good from great. But one thing remains, always keep the brand switch on.

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