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Measuring the Unmeasurable

Impact is a weird thing… sometimes you know when you’re making it… other times you don’t… and many times you have to ask. A large majority of the impact we make isn’t measurable… whether it be in life or business. This qualitative impact can’t be shown through sales, followers, or leads. And, while it’s harder to measure, it’s usually the most meaningful… it’s what keeps someone going, helps further optimize a business strategy, and allows for a team to evolve. If you’re trying to understand more about the impact you’re making, look at the qualitative data just as much as the quantitive

A few ideas on how to measure…

  • Qualitative data lives within user sediment, client feedback, physical signals, or direct communications. Spend time unpacking this data. Probe on certain pockets of information to get to the kernel of insight
  • If and when this data is hard to come by, or you don’t have a system in place, go out get it. Whether that’s through surveys, focus groups, or 1v1 convos, most people are willing to share your feedback
  • Couple qual and quant data together in any reports you build. Use the quantitative data to help probe more on the qualitative. If traffic to your site is lower in any given month, maybe there’s a reason why?

Bottom line:

Qualitative information adds a layer of detail, that may be missing, to any given metric you’re tracking.  It can help clarify and shape direction…. and, in many cases, make or break your strategy.

-Al Cavalieri

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