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Want to be great at sales? Lead with questions

The best salespeople, business leaders, and marketers I’ve been around rarely pitched or sold from the get-go, they led with questions… Questions that uncover a problem or opportunity. Questions that help them come up with a solution. It’s one thing to pitch a product or service, it’s another to listen, probe, and customize a response base on answers. If you want to be great at sales, take a more strategic approach to the conversation.

Always be listening…

  • Listen first
    • Let them spill their issues and opportunities. People love to talk about their business and their priorities
  • Ask second
    • Probe throughout the conversation. Dig deep on topics to uncover true opportunities
  • Analyze third
    • Real-time conversation analysis is an undervalued skill. Analyze their answers and pivot to the pitch
  • Pitch fourth
    • Now that you have the download, it’s time to pitch. At this point, your pitch should be much more tailored. Don’t lead with “we have a product for you,” but with “I think we can work together to address that.”

Bottom line:

We’re in 2018, no one wants to be sold to anymore. The power has shifted. Following this process will make for a better conversation and deeper connection.

-Al Cavalieri

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