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If you want to cut through the noise, cut the buzzwords

Too often brands & experts overcomplicate messages, and use complex buzzwords, in order to sound smart or make their product seem more interesting. The problem with this approach is that it usually falls flat… It becomes too hard to connect with users. Whether you’re selling to a sophisticated audience or not, you’ll generally see an engagement uptick by simplifying messaging and being more direct. People expect this type of messaging in 2018… They expect you to communicate with simplicity, transparency, and authenticity. But, how do you know what messaging sticks with your users? Test it.

The testing framework…

  • Test messaging and language concepts against each other consistently and frequently
  • Start with one singular test – a simple vs. more complex message
  • Try to test for 3-4 weeks, across distribution channels and see what sticks with your audience on different platforms (e.g. LinkedIn may be different from Facebook)

Bottom line:

It today’s world, with so much information available, the simple and direct is the way to go. If you’re unsure what will stick with your audience, let user feedback lead the way.

-Al Cavalieri

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