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Getting the most out of your content

When teams push a piece of content out the door (particularly in bigger companies), it’s usually on to the next one… The next piece, next campaign, etc… I came from this world. I know it all too well. Moving to a more nimble shop a year and a half ago meant we had to be more resourceful with our time and capital while prioritizing projects more effectively (still working on this one).

When thinking about content creation, one of biggest learnings I’ve learned in the last 1.5 years is that any video, article, or presentation you create to build brand awareness or drive consideration has A. a much longer life span than you think it does and B. the ability to be sliced and diced into a multitude of pieces.

Let’s address A first:

  • If you develop a piece of content and push it to any channel, it’s likely you tell yourself to hold off on pushing it again, so you don’t seem repetitive. The fact of the matter is, in 2019, the average lifespan of a Tweet is 18 minutes. Facebook post, 5 hours. Instagram post, 21 hours. Depending on your industry, the average email open rate can range from 10-30%. The reality is that only a fraction of your audience is seeing the content the first time and only a fraction more the second time. Each piece has a lot more juice than you think.

Now onto B:

  • When you develop a piece, do you ever look at how many sub-insights there are within that could add value to your audience? Each article, video, etc. probably has 5-10 pieces of mini-content that can be used across channels. We saw this idea prove itself out when we promoted a core piece of content for over 6 weeks highlighting each insight individually through graphics. It became, by far, our most viewed piece during that time. Every time we linked to the article we used a new mini-piece to drive to it. It created a fresh insight on top of an evergreen piece.

How do you get the most out of your content? The best way is to ask yourself this question when developing any new piece:

How can I break this piece up into 3-5 mini-pieces / snippets / graphics to add value to my user base over time?

This will undoubtedly create more content for your business and result in a longer lifespan for each piece. More awareness, more engagement, more conversion.

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