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Foundation for Scale

We hear a lot about scaling a business in the modern world… Some say it’s easier than ever given our access to technology and the¬†ability to reach anyone at a moments notice. Scale = efficiency…. it allows us to deploy faster, pivot on a dime, serve more people, but without foundation, scale is easily breakable.

  • If you’re trying to market, but your brand and messaging are inconsistent, nothing will stick
  • If you’re trying to sell, but your talk track changes, you’ll lose the network effect
  • If you’re trying to move fast, but your processes and systems aren’t in place, it will result in chaos

Pushing to grow rapidly is key to any business, but if every time you execute, something’s slightly different or your process changes (without good reason), you likely have a foundation problem.

Fix the underlying issue in order to fix the symptoms, and ultimately, grow.

-Al Cavalieri

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