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Creation Through Tension

“We create tension on behalf of the change we want to make happen” – Seth Godin

In reading Seth Godin’s most recent book, This is Marketing, one of my favorite takeaways was that, to create anything great requires tension. If there’s no tension, there’s no real change. When it comes to idea generation, we have a tendency to shy away from tension because it challenges beliefs, thoughts, or habits. But, the best ideas create tension, then liberate it in some way, shape, or form. Tension causes great to happen.

Apple created tension with the iPhone because it required people to change their phone habits, but then made it easier to do everything. Amazon created tension by changing the way people bought products, but then made it faster and more convenient. An entrepreneur creates tension (with themselves) when they wonder if it will work, but then they gain traction. Someone rebranding a company creates tension because “it’s always been this way,” but then the output drives growth.

If an idea or initiative causes no unrest, no tension, then you may need to ask yourself: “Am I pushing hard enough?”

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