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Sales vs. Marketing vs. Brand

Whether you own an insurance business or car dealership, growing your business comes down to three things – sales, marketing, and brand. In the 90s, sales was everything. In person, over the phone, cold calling, lunches, meetings, dinners, it was the culture and nothing else mattered. In the early 2000s, marketing became the trend. Email…
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How to Build a Winning Pitch

Whether you’re in sales, marketing, or any other field you’re always selling, always pitching in some capacity… Between stakeholders, customers and investors, someone needs to buy into your project/product. There are major differences between a winning and losing pitch. A winning pitch… Is a conversation No one likes to be talked at for an hour.…
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We’re all in sales – how to adopt the mindset

When you think of the word salesman (or saleswoman), what do you think about? Do you think high-pressure, “constantly on” and always pitching? Do you label yourself as someone who’s in sales? I’ve had this debate numerous times with friends, colleagues and family over the years. Being in 3 different professional verticals throughout my career (sales, recruiting,…
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