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7 Big Lessons Learned from Incubating a Startup Over the Past 12 months

Navigating the launch and growth of a first-year company in 2020 was probably one of the more unique experiences of all time. Doing while managing marketing for another business in growth mode – a whirlwind experience that brought a lifetime of wins, failures, and lessons.

Why Financial Advisors Need to Double Down on Marketing in 2020 (and What to Do About It)

Over the past year, we’ve had 50+ discussions with financial advisors about their business goals and how they plan to accomplish them. I can’t tell you how many times (over 95% of conversations) Advisors’ key goals include expanding their book of business and attracting more prospects. Time after time, the discussion is rooted in expansion…
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What every business can learn from The Masters

Yesterday was one of the more historic days in sports. In case you missed it (not sure that’s possible), Tiger Woods won his 15th major championship after an 11 year drought. Not only did he win his 15th, but he won it at arguably the most important major in golf, The Masters. It was a…
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Brand and direct marketing, why every business needs both

If you’re sitting in any organization or building a business in 2019, you’re likely either weighting marketing over any other growth tactic or pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to market your product/service. It’s a part of the game, and without it, you’ll likely be out of business sooner rather than later.…
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Getting the most out of your content

When teams push a piece of content out the door (particularly in bigger companies), it’s usually on to the next one… The next piece, next campaign, etc… I came from this world. I know it all too well. Moving to a more nimble shop a year and a half ago meant we had to be…
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If marketing’s not at the table, you’re doing it wrong

The other day, someone asked me “At what point do you receive the orders from the “business” so marketing can execute on the strategy?” A bit confused, I asked them to elaborate… Essentially they, as the person leading growth (which meant marketing in this case), received marching orders from the “business” and were told to…
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What Instagram’s new feature means for businesses

Consumer behavior is fascinating. What’s even more fascinating is how much people overweight convenience throughout their lifetime. To me, especially in today’s environment, I think convenience is the number one element that will drive business decisions over the next 10 years. It’s how easy can you make it for me to buy, how quick can…
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Why owned channels matter more than ever

In the off chance you didn’t hear yesterday, Facebook and Instagram were down for a large portion of the day. The news was covered more than just about any other topic on the internet (sad, but such is life). Droves of people took to Twitter to complain about the situation. It was as if, for…
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Two most important traits in business

As I continue to progress in my career, work with more people of different skillsets and personalities, I’m continuously trying to dissect what really matters in business. When it comes to hiring and building teams, many people go through the same motions and look at the same qualifications – years of experience, where they worked,…
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Speed wins

In moving from a big company to a small company, one thing became very clear, very early on: we were going to do a lot more, with a lot less, a lot faster. The biggest downfall of big organizations, and why people get addicted to startups, is two fold: 1. Your work has way more…
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