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Building Solutions Around Simplification

It’s not always about having the next-gen product or game-changing idea. Sometimes, it’s simply about making life easier for people. Turbo Tax, Venmo, Postmates were all built around simplification. Building a solution or process that saves time, removes a few steps, or optimizes workflow can be just as game-changing as the Instagrams and Facebooks of the world.

Reverse engineering to a solution…

  • Spend 2-4 weeks finding out what could make life easier for those around you (internal teams, external clients, etc.). This means sitting down with your target user (at least 20) and probing on mundane, time-consuming, or complicated tasks
  • Once tasks are identified, come up with 1-2 concepts that could fix the issues. Test it with users. Get concrete answers as to whether they would use it regularly, or if it’s just a nice-to-have (critical)
  • When you have signal, it’s time to execute. Look to build a baseline MVP (minimum viable product) where you can test at scale with people who may be interested. Leverage Google Ads to test

Bottom line:

When building something new, instead of thinking about the “next best thing,” reverse engineer the process by identifying what would simplify your users’ lives. Once you have signal, double down.

-Al Cavalieri

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