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Brand and direct marketing, why every business needs both

If you’re sitting in any organization or building a business in 2019, you’re likely either weighting marketing over any other growth tactic or pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to market your product/service. It’s a part of the game, and without it, you’ll likely be out of business sooner rather than later. With any business, there’s essentially two types of marketing you can deploy to grow – brand and direct (everything else is fluff or a buzzword). The best organizations create a clean 50/50 split between the approaches, balancing this idea of building long term trust with short term conversion.

The short term conversion

  • The goal of direct marketing is to intersect a user when there is a need or they’re looking for that product/service. It’s all about promoting your product/service as clearly as possible, through various channels, in a way that drives purchase or conversion. This could be through Facebook Ads, YouTube pre-roll, Google Ads, email marketing, print, or some other channel. It should convey a clear message about how your product/service can help solve your users core problem – how it can help them become faster, stronger, smarter, make more money, etc… It’s the measurable play. You can see the direct ROI and tell if it’s moving the needle to your bottom line. Direct is critical for any business. This is why Facebook and re-targeting marketing has become so popular because it creates a down-funnel engagement with those who’ve already interacted with your brand.

The long term trust

  • Long term trust is all about brand. It’s about being the resident expert in your niche. It’s about educating people on topics in your space and what you’re about as a business. It’s letting people into who you are as a company. It’s creating a sense of community. It’s marketing in its purest form. It’s putting content out without expecting anything in return in the short term. It’s about testing different approaches to understanding what resonates with users. Brand may not have an immediate return on investment. It takes time, constant effort, and could take years to have an impact. Brand creates a sense of long term trust. A user gets used to your content, your people, your message. They become, in a way, connected.

Balancing these two marketing approaches is what separates good brands from great brands. Drawing the line down the middle, breaking-up tactics and content into two columns – brand and direct. Every business needs both.

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