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A good marketing strategy is both proactive and reactive

There are two ways to approach any situation – proactive and reactive. Both strategies are required for success… both have their place. Most people will tell you to be proactive, but being reactive and timely can provide major upside (e.g. Oreo SB 2013). That said, being more proactive in nature allows you to be more flexible, adaptable, and focused. It requires you to anticipate what’s coming and pushes you to get comfortable with failing, but enables you to learn more effectively and optimize programs more efficiently.

The breakdown… 

  • When building any marketing strategy, apply a 70/30 proactive/reactive approach. The 70 should be about content planning/push, outreach to influencers, social advertising, campaign emails, etc.
  • For the 30% that is reactive, plan ahead and build out the infrastructure to be timely. It’s critical that any reactive strategy is timely in nature. This includes interacting with your audience, answering questions, getting involved in timely conversations on social, etc.

Bottom line:

Building a marketing strategy can get very complex, very quick. But, if you have the proactive/reactive elements in place, you’ll always be on the offense.

-Al Cavalieri

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