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Month: July 2018

The 1% Mindset

There’s a reason why the agile methodology became so popular over the years: it gave technical teams the ability to improve a product in increments, little-by-little, over short, timed cycles. It wasn’t about the big home run, but 50 singles and doubles, making the product 1% better through small changes that enhanced the user experience.…
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Without brand strategy, your marketing efforts will likely fail

When you think of Apple, it’s less likely you’ll remember a specific Ad campaign or piece of content, but more likely their sleek design, simple messaging, and product consistency. You’ll remember how you felt interacting with their brand. In any marketing organization, you’re always balancing the macro and micro. You’re constantly playing offense and defense.…
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How to Tackle the Second Half of the Year

As we head into the second half of year, a question starts to creep-up along the lines of “am I tackling everything I set out to do this year?” This question is generally coupled with a bit of anxiety as days/weeks tend to pass quickly and the Fall is in arms reach. What people don’t…
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