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Month: June 2018

How To Think About Your Competition

When it comes to monitoring competition, you usually get one of two answers: ignore them completely or study their every move. The advice rarely falls in the middle. But, the middle ground is where you can get ahead without becoming a carbon copy or falling behind. The middle ground is observing what they’re doing, where…
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A good marketing strategy is both proactive and reactive

There are two ways to approach any situation – proactive and reactive. Both strategies are required for success… both have their place. Most people will tell you to be proactive, but being reactive and timely can provide major upside (e.g. Oreo SB 2013). That said, being more proactive in nature allows you to be more…
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Want to create more loyality? Stop trying to target everyone

You build the content, produce the tools, develop the creative, promote the services, but it doesn’t stick. When this happens, we’re quick to question the quality of the product, service, or offering… we run to make feature and messaging adjustments. But, many times, we don’t realize that it could be an audience problem. We often…
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