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Month: May 2018

The edges and trenches

While reading, watching, and listening for educational purposes can be extremely valuable, consuming too much content can often distract us from own our ideas and cause a block in original thinking. The alternative route? Learning by doing.. by executing… by failing… by optimizing. Every day, try to find a good balance between creating vs. consuming,…
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The content vs. solution balance

Content is a major pillar of every marketing strategy. If scaled-content production isn’t a part of your marketing plan, you’ve lost before you even started. But, with all the content noise in the market, users have an abundance of information at their fingertips. One can only read, watch, and consume so much. With artificial intelligence and…
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Find Your Anchor

As our lives get more complex and days become more unpredictable, we need simple spaces, activities, mantras, and visions to anchor us. Anchors to help you keep your shit together. They root you in routine and help motivate you to take on the day with action and intent. They are the building blocks for your day,…
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Getting Out of the Bubble

A lot of the time, it’s easy to get trapped in our own bubble. Our own city, own network, own mind. Staying in these bubbles too long causes stagnant growth and stale thinking. Getting out of the bubble, and taking in a different environment every once and a while, can kickstart new ideas or help…
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Hidden Pockets of Time

Every day, we have hidden pockets of time. These pockets exist when we have a gap between two tasks or commitments. These pockets are extremely undervalued and go unnoticed most of the time. These pockets are where side projects can be tackled, knowledge can be built, health can be prioritized. Creating the pockets… Look at…
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The power of a subject line

Never underestimate the power of a subject line or caption. The first 3 seconds are critical and can make or break how much time people spend on your content, website, or product. So, testing your subject lines, taglines, or posts should be a top priority. Testing schema… Every month, run 8-10 tests you actively track.…
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