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The $100 a Day Framework

From social media to podcasts, today’s marketing channel options are endless. Many experts will tell you that you need to be on every channel, every day, producing and distributing content… The reality is, most of us have limited time and budgets, so we need to place our bets strategically when it comes to building our brand. This means doubling down on certain channels while going lighter on others.

How do you decide where to place your bets? Leverage the $100 framework:

  • If you had to think about where to spend your dollars, think about only having access to $100 a day. Imagine that, every day you have $100 to spend on marketing and it disappears if you don’t spend it. This spend could include anything from content to distribution.  Would you use it for social distribution? Paid search? Would you use it on one channel or multiple? The idea is that the $100 is enough to make an impact but also forces you to focus your energy. It dials you into what matters based on your goals and where your audience lives vs. trying to be everywhere.

Bottom line:

We all have limited energy and most of us have a limited budget, but you’d be surprised how much of an impact a little focus and prioritization can bring.

-Al Cavalieri

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